GCMA South West

Golf Club Managers Association  - South West (Originally the Association of Golf Club Secretaries)

The Inaugural Meeting

It was on 17 th July 1956 when Donald Hood-Wright, the secretary of WSM GC arranged a meeting for some 18 local Secretaries.  At that time there were only 3 other regions formed:

Scottish Region

North Eastern Region

Midlands Region

The South West region held a further meeting at Burnham later that year.

From that date it would appear that meetings were held in the Spring and Autumn during most years.

Regional Secretaries

It is perceived from the first meeting in 1956 that Donald Hood-Wright arranged the meetings for the period upto the middle of the 1960’s. Philip Day Dewdney (Minehead) then took over and during his time as the Regional Secretary, he was nominated for the National Captains role, which he accepted and served his term of office in 1968.

In 1973 he handed over the reigns of the Regional Secretary to John Wilcock of Saltford Golf Club who continued in this position until 1982. On his retirement from the role, he was replaced at the Autumn meeting held at Shirehampton Golf Club by one of the great servants of the Association, Ray Burniston of Long Ashton Golf Club, and in 1986 Ray was elected to the post of National Captain.  By the late eighties Ray Burniston was continuing in both posts of Club and Regional Secretary and when the post of National Secretary became available, he applied for the position and was the successful applicant. 

Ray continued to serve the Association in the post of National Secretary until his retirement in 2002.  Since Ray vacated the position in January 1990 there have been four other individuals whom have held the post of Regional Secretary, Derek Holloway on two occasions with five years service, Barry Long who remained for a three year period, Doug Daniell who served four years until his untimely death in 2001 and since 2001 the incumbent has been Brian Rimes.

Roll of Honour


1956/1966 Donald Hood Wright Weston-super-Mare Golf Club
1966/1973 Philip Day Dewdney Minehead Golf Club
1973/1982 John Wilcock Saltford Golf Club
1982/1990 Ray Burniston Long Ashton Golf Club
1990/1992 Derek Holloway Teignmouth Golf Club
1992/1995 Barry Long Torquay Golf Club
1995/1997 Derek Holloway Teignmouth Golf Club
1997/2001 Doug Daniell The Warren Golf Club
2001/2015 Brian Rimes Staddon Heights Golf Club



2015/          Karen Drake             Clevedon Golf Club      

Regional Captains

It is difficult to ascertain whom or whether there was a Regional Captain in the early years. Sometime during the 1960’s Gerry Noble became Regional Captain until he gave up around 1979.


1966/1979 Gerry Noble
1979/1983 Dennis Brown Minehead Golf Club
1983/1988 Denis Griffin Churston Golf Club
1988/1993 Brian Heggie Truro Golf Club
1993/1994 Mike Sullivan Clevedon Golf Club
1994/1996 Jackie Howe The Mendip Golf Club
1996/1998 Barry Megson Holsworthy Golf Club
1998/1999 Geoff Green Torrington Golf Club
1999/2001 Les Pring Bath Golf Club
2001/2003 Derek Holloway Teignmouth Golf Club
2003/2004 Ray Burniston Weston-super-Mare Golf Club
2004/2006 Martin Lowry Bigbury Golf Club
2006/2007 David Weston Enmore Golf Club
2007/2008  Richard Marston Thurlestone Golf Club
2008/2009 Peter Plumb Ross-on-Wye Golf Club
2009/2010 John Keight Henbury Golf Club
2010/2011  Stuart Phipps Kingsdown Golf Club
2011/2012 Richard Jessop Tiverton Golf Club
2012/2013 Tim Aggett Staddon Heights Golf Club
2013/2014 Bob Knight Naunton Downs Golf Club
2014/2015 John Mills Lydney Golf Club
2015/2016 Peter Jones Launceston Golf Club
2016/2017 Jim Scott The Mendip Golf Club
2017/2018 Bob Clark Dainton Park Golf Club



1979/1995 Gerry Noble
1995/2008 Grahame Spray
2008/2011 Ray Burniston
2011/2014 Richard Marston
2014/2017 David Weston


1968 Phillip Day Dewdney
1986 Ray Burniston
2005 Brian Carnie
2016 David O'Sullivan


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